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Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, or GPT-3, is an autoregressive language model that can produce meaningful human-like text. This is the third and latest generation of the OpenAI language prediction model. Additionally, the language model is task independent and improves performance with just a few taps.

GPT-3 is extremely popular among the machine learning community because it can generate human-like stories, surprising both developers and programmers with its widespread intelligence, far more advanced than previous pre-trained language models. . Here is a list of recent books co-authored by GPT-3. In the future, the list should grow.


The list has no particular order.

Pharmako-AI by Kenric Allado-McDowell

Published in August 2020, Pharmako-AI is a surreal journey to autonomy, ecology and intelligence through ancestry and biosemiotics. Co-written by Kenric Allado-McDowell, the “accidental” book found its genesis during the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic. An author’s diary entry began as an experimental conversation with GPT-3. For two weeks, the book takes place in the exploration of memory, language and cosmology. The book offers a “fractal poetics of AI and a glimpse into the future of literature.”

The paperback version of the book is priced at $ 15.71.

Amazing AI Poetry by Jonathan Copeland

Recently released on September 5, 2021, Amazing AI Poetry is a collection of AI-generated poems ranked in order of increasing quality. Author Jonathan Copeland used Latitude’s GPT-3 model, the Dragon version, to write the book. Jonathan, a graduate of North Carolina State University with a master’s degree in computer science, has provided few collaborative contributions, while the poems are mostly AI-generated. Interestingly, the cover image for the book was generated by another AI –

The Kindle version of the book is available at $ 9.99.

Paul Bellow’s Wars of the Moon

Released in February 2021, Moon Wars is written by AI but edited by three humans. The book is set in 1999, a few months before the year 2000. Paul Bellow’s Moon Wars revolves around the life of Alex – a sophomore at Ohio University, who fails his classes for having spent too much time playing Real Time Strategy (RTS) video games. The book then takes twists and turns, and the final question is whether the RTS player can save the universe.

The Kindle edition is priced at $ 3.99 and the pocket version costs $ 5.11.

Aum Golly by Jukka Aalho

Published in April 2021, Jukka Aalho co-authored Aum Golly – an AI poetry book about humanity – after signing up for the GPT-3 beta program. The book was written in 24 hours, and the poems generated by GPT-3 were only edited for punctuation and line breaks. The book is available in Finnish as a hard copy, audiobook and ebook, and the English version is available as an ebook.

The ebook is available for $ 4.99.

IMAGINOIDS: Dream Diary of an AI by Ether Busker

Published in April 2021, IMAGINOIDS is a diary of an AI when she falls asleep. This book, written by Ether Busker, is a collection of eight short stories. All of the stories are basically memories of weird and insightful dreams, along with AI’s sense of humor. Busker developed artistic tweaks to induce OpenAI’s GPT-3 algorithm into cyberdelic dream states.

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The Kindle edition of the book is available for $ 6.99, while the paperback version is priced at $ 11.99.

Autonomous haiku machine by Anthony David Adams

This book on haiku – poems written in traditional Japanese style, is written by artificial intelligence GPT-3. Although simple in form, the book is more than just a collection of words and is rich in meaning. Interestingly, the book – poems, cover, and product description, is completely AI generated. The book was published in January 2021.

The Kindle version of the book costs $ 2.99 and the paperback is priced at $ 9.99.

Bob the Robot: Exploring the Universe Through AI by Olle Green

Bob The Robot is a children’s storybook. Bob The Robot helps a little boy find his father. The two travel across the planets to find the father. Published in August 2020, the book has broad themes on friendship, courage, solidarity, astronomy and Greek mythology. 80% of the book is written by GPT-3.

The Kindle version of the book is available for $ 0.99.

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