How to get a Payday Loan? Requirements and Branch Schedule

A personal loan is a financing tool that we can choose to get what we need .

A personal loan is a financing tool that we can choose to get what we need .


The requirements to access them are minimal, it is about some documents that we must present and some certain characteristics that we are asked for.

In general, what the company needs to know is whether we will be able to return the money to which we will access

The documents to be presented are:

1) A salary receipt

2) Proof of a service or tax that is in our name

3) DNI

They must be presented at the branch closest to our address we find.

These loans are, above all, designed for people who work in a relationship of dependence for at least 6 months.

People who are up to 75 years of age are also included in these loans


The maximum available to us will depend, in general, on the income we get each month. However, the first thing that companies take into account is the result of analyzing our background and previous income.

Therefore it is difficult to standardize a maximum for all cases, this will be defined in each particular situation.

Amount of fees

The amount of fees will depend on the agreement we reach with the company, usually the maximum is 24. But like the maximum amount this will depend on the ability to pay each person.

Extra expenses

One of the advantages is that at the time of obtaining the loan, no extra expenses will be added. We can stay calm then.

Amount requested

To access the money that we have requested through the loan, we can either withdraw it in cash or request that it be credited to an account on our behalf.

What is the CFT?

It is the Total Financial Cost, it is the total cost of the loan that we are going to take. This calculation will allow us to know with certainty the amount of fees and the amount of the same that we must pay at the end of the month.

Payment of installments:

Every month we will receive in our house or by mail a summary of the amount we have to pay. With the objective that the payment method is accessible and easy, the options to pay are varied: we can choose to go to the nearest branch.

To take into account: The payment of fees is usually extended until the 10th of each month without surcharge.

These credits in stores allow the customer to buy what they want in comfortable monthly installments. Today they have more than 30,000 adhered shops that are part of the most varied items.

In order to obtain financing in these locations we must present the same documents that are needed to obtain a loan: salary receipt, ID, tax or service.

Once we have these documents we must approach the trade in which we are interested to request the authorization of financing.

Both to access the loans and credits we can personally approach a branch, or call them by phone: