How to obtain payday loans?

Many times the money is not enough to meet our needs, to achieve our goals or cover expenses that may arise unexpectedly. A good option in these situations is to access a payday loan . There are several banks and companies in the province that are dedicated to grant personal financing. The possibilities are not exhausted for those who do not meet the necessary requirements to access bank payday loans, as these may be possible in companies . Accessibility and personalized service are its main characteristics.

What requirements are needed for payday loan ?

The requirements for your personal payday loans in the province are simple. To access a payday loan is essential to be a worker and if you are employed at least six months old. The opportunity is also provided to retired people, provided they are up to 75 years of age.

Any person who meets the conditions and is interested in requesting a payday loan must resort to the nearest branch and present the following documents:

  • National Identity Document (DNI)
  • Last salary receipt
  • A proof of tax or service in your name

Finally, you can adhere to automatic debit payments. This is a convenient option for those who are forgetful as it gives the possibility of being paid automatically, without having to be aware of the payment date.

The maturity of the installments is stipulated for the 05 of each month, with up to 10 to pay without surcharge. After that date, two subsequent maturities are listed in the summary, with a surcharge, in the case of not paying the fee at the first due date.

Customers. What do they think about the payday loans ?

In general, clients argue that applying for a payday loan is a good option. They say that they felt accompanied in the process and they were given the necessary information to proceed. The attention is personalized and the treatment very friendly.

Many people who in other places could not access a payday loan because they did not have the necessary requirements, had the possibility of requesting one and thus fulfill their objectives or satisfy their needs. Several highlight that it is a reliable and fulfilling company.