Kindle Unlimited eBook download limit doubled to 20 eBooks and magazines

Amazon, it seems, has doubled the maximum eBook quota that applies to Kindle Unlimited. Thus, of the 10 current books that Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download at the moment, 20 eBooks can now be downloaded. Oddly, Amazon has yet to come to town to brag about the move. Instead, the above was spotted by a Reddit user who said that Amazon is sending individual notifications to subscribers notifying them of the change.

It should also be a welcome change for prolific readers who gorge themselves on books and magazines. They can now have more reading material to satisfy their desires. The change should also be a relief for the student community as well as for active researchers who often have to deal with several titles at the same time.

Either way, charging your device with your favorite tracks will also prevent you from signing in more often. So, for those who are on vacation, even if they land in a remote area with little to no internet connectivity, they will still have enough reads to keep them engaged.

For many, the 10 eBook limit might be fine for them, although power users will no doubt appreciate that it doubles to 20 eBooks on all devices.

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