Monday Memo: Copy Worth Copying, Part 3

By Holland Cooke

BLOCK ISLAND, RI – In every room where I have a television – and in both cars – there is a pen and a notepad handy. I end up fishing scraps of paper out of pockets of pants and sports coats, things I scribbled down when a line really caught my ear.

In the previous columns here (this one and this one), I have shared some great copy points that I have collected.

“But wait! There’s more…”

“Medicines made easy.”, “the pharmacy that delivers your prescriptions directly to you, the same day, free of charge, all from your phone”.

“We deliver your medications when you need them. The capsule is always free and your co-payment will not change.

“We take care of your insurance. All you have to do is schedule the delivery.

“Give the gift that lasts forever, a tattoo.”

Spot for Octopus Ink on WGVA / WAUB client workstations

“Used cars have never been so new.” TV commercial.

“Find local dentists who take your insurance. “

“Today is the day.”

TV spot for, where famous experts explain things.

“Ready to explore again? “

Subject line in Amtrak email.

“Sometimes the most beautiful destinations are not far away. “

Slogan FULLY relevant to the pandemic in a TV spot with happy people enjoying the home / patio line of products.

“Make your outdoor space your favorite place. “

Radio copy for The Patio Center in East Texas Brick, on client KTBB.

“Get back to business with Valpak.”

In this envelope, put coupons from full retailers who boast that “53% of Americans have tried a new business because of direct mail.” And there’s a QR code the recipient can scan to redeem for “FREE SHIPPING!” “

“Turn off your Wi-Fi to spend time with the family. “

Cox Cable / Commercial Internet, touting a feature that parents – who make the purchase decision – will appreciate. And here’s another example of the kind of succinct, benefit-rich text we should create for local advertisers:

“New movies, every week, only on Netflix.”

“Never go to a dealership again. “ Super Bowl advertisement.

“Come on Henry, make every kid good with money.” TV commercial

“Not sorry.”

TV commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as Easter approached… and many felt like we had just had a YEAR of Lent.

“When your hand is in the bag, your head is on the Cape.”

TV commercial for Cape Cod chips.

“You came home staring at your bad windows and doors. “

GREAT copy point of the TV ad for Renewal By Andersen as home improvement activity increased during the shutdown.

Describe your advertisers – and your station, in promotions – well and you’ll do well.

Holland Cooke is the author of the acclaimed e-book “Multiply Your Podcast Subscribers, Without Buying Clicks”, which he humbly describes as “a captivating … a captivating page turner,” available at Chat books (click on the banner on this page). He is a consultant working at the intersection of broadcasting and the Internet. And the HC hosts “The big picture”TV show Friday evenings at 7ET on RT America. Follow him on Twitter @HollandCooke

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