How to Reset iPhone Keyboard Dictionary to Fix AutoCorrect Issues

Get a fresh start with AutoCorrect.
Image: Killian Bell / Cult of Mac

We all have our complaints and frustrations with AutoCorrect on iPhone and iPad, but there’s no doubt that it makes typing on a touchscreen quick and easy. Except when he suddenly decides not to function properly.

If you’ve found that AutoCorrect suddenly changes words that it doesn’t need to change, or offers other weird issues, you may need to reset your keyboard dictionary on iPhone and iPad. We will show you how.

I was forced to reset my own iPhone keyboard dictionary this week when AutoCorrect suddenly and inexplicably started to change “it’s” to “IT”. I don’t know why, but it was driving me crazy so I had to fix it.

The only method to prevent this was to reset my iPhone keyboard dictionary. It erases everything the dictionary has learned so you can get a fresh start. And it couldn’t be easier.

How to reset your keyboard dictionary on iPhone and iPad

Resetting your keyboard dictionary on iPhone and iPad doesn’t require a full device reset, so you don’t lose anything (except your keyboard dictionary). It’s an easy fix for autocorrect issues, but it also has its drawbacks.

If you’ve taught your iPhone a bunch of unusual words – names, swear words, and other things that it doesn’t immediately recognize – it will have to relearn them, which takes a little time … and a lot of patience. .

If that’s okay with you, here are the steps on how to reset your keyboard dictionary on iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Faucet General, then tap Reset.
  3. To select Reset keyboard dictionary.
  4. Enter your device password.
  5. Faucet Reset to confirm.
How to Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone and iPad
Open the Settings app, tap General, then choose Keyboard.
Image: Killian Bell / Cult of Mac

Your keyboard dictionary has now been reset and any weird autocorrect behavior should be eliminated. You can now continue to use your keyboard normally and it will pick up any weird words you use frequently over time.

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